Anchorage Areas
Anchorage areas are available for ships in the outer harbor, providing water depths from 6 to 40 meters in good holding ground. Smaller vessels can anchor to the north of the oil harbor approach channel and on either side of the inner harbor approach channel. Vessels with a draft of ten meters or more can anchor to the south of the oil harbor approach channel and west or east of the approach channel to both harbours. Anchorage is prohibited within a radius of 5 cables of the channel entrance and within 2 cables of any port approach channel
Vessels are warned that many disused cables exist in the area between Ras Tarshayn and Jazirat Salil. A fibre – optic cable is laid from SSE of the port entrance to the shore (see Admiralty Chart No.7) and anchoring near this cable must be avoided.

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A yacht anchorage is available in the inner harbor between the Prince of Wales/abkhari Pier and dolphin oil berth No. 6 out. Yachts are warned that pipelines and anchor cables exist on the sea bed in this area. Yachts should anchor well clear of the coast gurad base pontoons 1 cable east of the Abkhari Pier and a yacht anchorage exclusion area is marked on the chart. Large Yachts may use the anchorage south of the western end of the rubble mound or, if taking fuel, use the bunker berths Nos. 6 In and 6 out