Maritime Training Center (MTC)

The MTC is operated by the Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation and is located in a separate building in the heart of the Tawahi.
It consists of two floors containing classrooms for computer and English language learning. of the Center are the preparation and organization of internal and external training courses through coordination and comcommunication with other institutes and specialized centers.

The Tasks identified by that resolution were as follows:
1-Training of workers of the Gulf Of Aden Ports Corporation and relevant marine and shipping authorities to         develop the capabilities and skills of the labor force in the maritime field.    
2-Coordination of training in the field of maritime transport in general and between the departments of         Yemeni Ports Corporations, in particular.     

3-Coordination of cooperation with international organizations in the field of maritime training.
4-Provision of advanced training equipment for the development of appropriate training courses, to reach a         degree of self-sufficiency in the field of maritime training.     

5-Provision of training courses in combating marine pollution in order to protect the marine environment from         pollution.     

6-Development of workers knowledge of maritime laws and regulations concerned with maritime transport,         maritime safety and the protection of the marine environment.

Since the Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation was established the Center has:
1 – Secured a permit for the MTC from the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training.

2 - Signed a twinning agreement with the Higher Institute of Marine Studies in the Kingdom of Morocco.

3 - Signed a cooperation agreement with the Ports Training Institute in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

4 – Established a number of specialized courses that were held outside the country (such as the diving training course).

5- Trained staff in coordination with well-known specialized institutes in and outside the country.

6 - Trained staff in the area of computing and English language.

7 – Coordinated with the Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation, the Red Sea Ports Corporation and the Arabian Sea Ports Corporation in training and qualifying workers, and exchanged experience between the three corporations

8 - Signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the Public Authority of Red Sea Ports (Arab Republic of Egypt) and the Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation.