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Passama Car Carrier berthed at Aden Container Terminal
    Auther: Marketing/Information Depts.  
The car carrier (Pasama) has berthed at the Port of Aden on the 15th of April 2017, for the first time in more than twelve years, and is scheduled to unload a number of 549 cars and vehicles coming from the local market. The commercial center of engines owns the largest share in the number of vehicles received. Such a step marks the birth of a new era for the revitalization of the industrial and warehousing Area (Free Zone - Aden) and its impact on activating this type of commercial activity by importing and re-exporting vehicles and considering Aden as a regional center for Toyota brand cars and vehicles , which is represented by its agent in the Middle East, the commercial center of engines. It is worth mentioning that container berths at the Port of Aden are considered ideal for local markets for its location at the entrance of one of the most important water routs linking the world markets.
   Date :  4/16/2017 12:02:56 AM

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