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YGAPC CHAIRMAN meets with Swiss Newspaper "Zurick"
    Auther: Marketing & Information Depts.  
On Wednesday morning 25/10/2017, the correspondent of the Swiss newspaper "Zurich" held a meeting with Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzerbah, the Executive Chairman of the Corporation.  The meeting focused on the current situation of the Port of Aden and the impact of the war that took place in the country during the year 2015 on its activities. The Executive Chairman reviewed some of the features of the port, its importance,  activities and its current situation. He pointed out that although many port facilities and equipments were severely damaged,  but with the insistence of the leadership of the Corporation, its staff, employees, the state and government's support represented by the president of the Republic, Abdo Rabo Mansoor Hadi, many reforms have been acheived for all the facilities of the port. He also referred to the the decisions that were taken to facilitate the work , restore trust, encourage and facilitate procedures for customers of the port as well as humanitarian organizations that adopt the provision of needs of the citizens through international and government aids. The Chairman noted that the reception of the first commercial ship to the port in August 2015, was the beginning of work normalization at the Corporation. He also mentioned the future prospects of the Port of Aden as the main artery of the city of Aden, since the city can not be separated from the port. "Our vision is to have a free zone with its own legislations that reduce trade barriers such as customs duties, bureaucracy, and increase of economic activity in the city of Aden and its surroundings."
   Date :  10/28/2017 8:36:40 PM

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