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Prime Minister inaugurates the two cranes provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Prime Minister Dr. Moeen Abdulmalik inaugurated Wednesday 12/12/2018 the work of the two cranes arrived to Aden Container Terminal, which were provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the framework of the Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations Plan in Yemen (YCHO) to increase the volume of relief and commercial imports to Yemen. The Prime Minister expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for all the good efforts exerted to improve the capacity of the port of Aden as the main port in Yemen, especially the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE in supporting the country? The Prime Minister said that the port has recently witnessed a number of updates, whether related to the electrical power of the port or the marine tug, as well as other equipment related to the work of the port and its activities, pointing out that all this will contribute significantly to support and strengthen the capabilities of the port. For his part, Mr. Saleh Al-Jubwani, Minister of Transport, praised all the efforts and assistance provided by the coalition countries in support of the ports of the Republic, noting that there are still many projects that need support and assistance in the process of completion. For his part, Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzrabeh, Executive Chairman of YGAPC, addressed the importance and role of the port which is considered one of the most important Yemeni ports, especially these days, not because it bears the name of Aden, but because of its historic role and strategic position.
   Date :  12/16/2018 12:16:27 AM

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