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The tourist pier receives the yacht “Miss Veena“
    Auther: Marketing & Information Depts.  
On the evening of Wednesday, March 13, 2019, the tourist pier at the port of Aden received the tourist yacht “Miss Veena” coming from Salalah port in the Sultanate of Oman The 33-meter-long tourist yacht belongs to “the dream journey of diving and Omani safari” Company. It carries the Egyptian flag and all its crew from the Arab Republic of Egypt. This visit comes as a result of the leadership of YGAPC encouragement for yachts and passenger ships to come to the port of Aden and provide all facilities for them such as the exemption from the fees of guidance and berthing. The captain of the yacht, Farook Mohamed Abdel-Aal, expressed his satisfaction with the services provided by the port of Aden and its tourist yacht facilities, which demonstrates the keenness of the port leadership to restore the bright face of the port of Aden. He added that their presence here indicates the development of the security situation of the port in this period in particular and the city of Aden in general hoping the end of war and that peace and stability prevails Yemen as soon as possible.
   Date :  3/14/2019 12:37:40 AM

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