Port Security
The Coast Guard - Gulf of Aden Sector, specialized in securing ports and its facilities had witnessed rapid promotion and development in all respects - quality and quantity - It owns and operate fast, unique and advanced high-tech patrol boats, sophisticated weapons and a military base.

The expansion took place over the past years in establishing advanced centers in different marine sites on the coastline in each of Shukra and Ras Imran and Omaira Creek. The preparations are underway for the establishment of other centers on the island of Mokha and Myoon, the training of personnel and officers local and abroad, selecting and joining large numbers of young people to serve in this sector through the excellent relations of cooperation and coordination between the Coast Guard authority in our country and developed countries.

The Gulf of Aden sector has received a number of Coast Guard patrol boats and modern equipment used to monitor port marine basin, the coasts, movement round the clock, as well as training groups of individuals and sector officers in specialized institutes in those countries.

This had reflected on all the levels of security and stability experienced by the Port of Aden and other ports during the past years in terms of significant increase in shipping and commercial traffic volume.

The main responsibilities of the Coast Guard is to secure the sea ports , its facilities and approach channels of threats and to provide assistance to various vessels . Therefore the authority is active in the conduct of maritime patrols and control points of the coasts and the sea

It conducts extensive training exercises and field operations to address the perceived risk, control armed robbery (piracy), boarding suspicious vessels and dealing with the rescue operations to help vessels in all cases.