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Training Course in Personal safety for marine crafts crew

March 25, 2021

Under the patronage of Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzarba, the Executive Chairman of YGAPC and in the presence of his deputy, Eng. Abdulrab Al-Khulaqui, today Thursday, March 25, 2021, a specialized training course in the field of personal safety for marine crafts crew was concluded for both the Port of Aden and the Port of Mukalla. The importance of personal safety lies in rescuing and saving lives of survivors from marine accidents, after their ship was exposed to a marine accident,  the participants gained knowledge of theoretical and practical safety rules and how to use collective personal safety equipment. Eng. Abdulrab Al-Khulaqui, the Deputy Chairman of YGAPC, Captain Adel Mahmoud Ali Shamsan, the Director General of the Maritime Training Center, and the lecturer of the course, Captain Hani Moti, distributed certificates to the participants of the training course, wishing them success and excellence in their careers.

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