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In 1885 started its activities in Aden Port .. The Mission to Seafarers Visits the Port

April 9, 2021

Mr. Andy Bowerman, Regional Director of the Mission to Seafarers, visited the Port of Aden on Tuesday and Wednesday 6-7 April 2021 to discuss the possibility of resuming the Mission to Seafaraes activity in the Port of Aden. He met on Tuesday, Eng. Abdulrab Al-Khulaqi, Deputy Executive Chairman and Captain / Shakeeb Mohammed, the Port Officer, where they discussed the activities carried out by the Mission to Seafarers, which stopped for reasons beyond its control. On Wednesday, a boat trip was made for the visitors who appreciated the visit, citing the Port's ability to expand into a global port.

The Mission to Seafarers is particularly concerned with taking care of seafarers and their families when they face difficult circumstances until they overcome the exceptional circumstances that they may encounter in the ports. The Corona pandemic affected the psychological state of sailors due to the quarantine and curfew procedures that accompanied the pandemic, causing greater psychological damage to sailors who were unable to return to their countries for a long time.

The delegation was accompanied on this trip by Captain / Farouk Sadaqa, on behalf of Maritime Affairs, and his presence had a good effect, as he was one of the oldest retired leaders of the Port of Aden.

At the end of the trip, Mr. Andy Bowerman presented an introductory summary of the Mission to Seafarers activities in the attached video, indicating  its activity in the Port of Aden in the year 1885  and that it will strive to remain in it because of the historical importance of this for it and the Port of Aden.

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