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With the help of the workboat "Dunafa", the coast guard's floating dock was installed and secured

June 18, 2021

The engineering teams in the General Administration of Engineering Affairs and Projects, under direct guidance from Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzerba, the Executive Chairman of the Corporation - Chairman of the Board of Directors, were able to repair and maintain the floating dock for the Coast Guard, which was severely damaged as a result of the recent events and the concerned people were unable to return the dock berths to readiness, which exposed the boats to danger for the lack of berths, and with the entry of the windy season and the raging sea, they requested assistance from the Executive Chairman, who gave  quick instructions to help the Coast Guard urgently.

The engineering and technical team of the Technical Department, specialized in marine maintenance works through the workboat "Dunafa", the workboat "Hunish Al-Kubra", and the marine survey crew, began installing four berths and installing the front of the dock, where the boats were moored to the new berths. It is noted that the Port Corporation has provided great assistance to the Coast Guard to equip the service boats, and the Corporation is still supporting it to the extent possible due to the importance of this in securing maritime navigation, and it hopes that the competent authorities will support the Coast Guard interest as it should to perform its tasks perfectly. 

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