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The Executive Chairman of the Corporation signs Aden Port Development Agreement

November 14, 2013

The Chinese Capital Beijing has witnessed on Thursday, the 14th of Nov., 2013 the signing of agreement on the expansion and deepening of Aden Container Terminal between YGAPC and CHEC.

within the framework of the President visit Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi , President of the Republic to the People 's Republic, of China

The project is being implemented at a cost of US$ 507 million and includes the construction of an additional berth on the western side of the terminal with a 1000 m length and a depth of 18 m , as well as the deepening and expansion of the port outer navigational channel with 7,400 m length , 250 m width and a depth of 18 meters in addition to the inner channel with a length of 3,800 m, 230 meters width and a depth of 18 m.

The agreement also includes the deepening and expansion of the turning area and the installation of giant container cranes, RTGs and tractors for the first phase of the berth, to raise the capacity of handling up to 1,5 million containers in the year, by adding 500 thousand containers as well as other utilities such as container storage yard , service facilities ,administrative buildings and a central workshop for general maintenance.

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of YGAPC Captain /Sami Saeed Farea and Mr. Mo Won Hi ,the President of CHEC., the executing of the project owned by the Chinese government which is considered to be one of the oldest and largest Chinese companies in the fields of engineering , ports and airports, and has 62 branches in most countries of the world.

Completion of the project will represent a quantum leap for the shipping activities in the Port of Aden which has a great history. It will also promote future cooperation between Yemen and China.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Minister of Transport , Dr. Waed Badheeb , The Minister of Finance Mr. Sakher Al-Wageeh, Minister of Planning and Intl. Cooperation , Dr. Moh’d Assadi and Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Dr. Ali Mansour bin Safaa .

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