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Aden Port Returns to Pre-War Shipping Procedures

The Yemen Ministry of Transport (MOT) in Aden and the Evacuation and Humanitarian Operations Cell (EHOC) in Riyadh have agreed to reinstate shipping procedures to pre-war arrangements. Additionally, t ...

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March 3, 2024

UNODC Launches VTS Maintenance Course with Engineer Stephen Kimanthi Muatha

On Sunday, March 3rd, 2024, Engineer Stephen Kimanthi Muatha, an appointed expert in Telecommunication and Information and Communi ...

February 7, 2024

he Minister of Transport reviews the progress of ACT in the Port of Aden, stressing that the port is witnessing remarkable recovery and activity

His Excellency the Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdul Salam Saleh Humaid, was briefed on the progress of work at the container termi ...

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Ship NameG R TShip TypeBerth NoAgentArrived DateBerthed DateSailed Dates
LIBRA14458Bulk CarrierMW 4Sharf Shipping Agencies Co. LtdApril 15, 2024April 15, 2024(not set)
MAYYUN QASSWARA13066Container ShipACT 2Global Link Marine Logistics Co. Ltd.April 15, 2024April 16, 2024(not set)
INCE FORTUNE33226Dry Bulk CarrierAGT 1Middle East Shipping Co LtdApril 10, 2024(not set)April 15, 2024

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