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The Acting Japanese Ambassador to Yemen Visits the Port of Aden

March 19, 2023

His Excellency the Acting Japanese Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Kazuhiro Higashi, said that he was very happy to visit the magnificent Port of Aden and to see the precise details of the port's activity and its aspirations to improve its services in various port activities, promising that he would convey to his government everything he saw and the required interventions to help the port achieve its vital projects.
The Ambassador, was accompanied by Eng/ Abdulrab Jaber Al-Khulaqi (Deputy Executive Chairman), visited all the port's main facilities, starting with Ma'alla Port, where his government will fund the project to restore the large port warehouses that were damaged during the war. During the visit, he listened to a detailed explanation of the port's activity and the requirements for improving its services, whether in the stevedoring process or the rehabilitation of container crane rails. The visit was attended by Mr. Mehdi Al Daghari (Deputy Director of Wharves Dept.), Mr. Mohsen Al Hatas (Chairman Adviser for Wharves) and Mr. Ahmed Hussein (Berths Manager).
The delegation then visited the technical and engineering workshop of the port to see the services provided by this important department in the port of Aden and noted the destruction that the workshop was exposed to during the war. The conversation focused on the importance of the main slipway for the maintenance of the marine crafts of the port, the marine maintenance workshop that was completely destroyed, the marine survey boat and diving services. Eng. Mohamed Shaif (Director General of the Department) had provided a detailed explanation of the work of the workshop and the requirements for upgrading its work, especially in terms of training and qualification for rare majors. For his part, Eng. Mohamed Saleh (Maintenance Manager) explained the importance of rebuilding the marine maintenance workshop and providing equipment for the workshop departments to carry out maintenance work to keep the marine crafts under permanent readiness. He drew attention to the importance of maintaining the main slipway, without which the corporation would have to send its boats for maintenance in Djibouti, which would entail exorbitant expenses on the port.
The delegation then moved to the Maritime Department (Control Building) and they were received by Capt./ Shakeeb Abdul Wahed (Director of the Department)  to review the work carried and the ship control system that was recently operated with funding from the United Nations Development Office. The visitors listened to a detailed explanation from Capt./ Hani Abdul Moti About the significant development that occurred in the work of this department after the implementation of the project and the training requirements to enable the crew to make optimal use of the developed system.
The boat trip that the delegation took inside the port after completing the visit to the control building was of great importance to the ambassador, as he noticed the huge port and its maritime capabilities that enable it to absorb a large part of the Yemeni maritime activity and the possibility of restoring its capacity to be a regional service port.
The final destination of the team was Aden Container Terminal, where Dr. Mohamad Amzerbah, the Exective Chairman of the Corporation, received His Excellency the Ambassador and his companions. The meeting began with a detailed explanation about the port's situation and the severe damage it suffered in the war. Thanking the Japanese government for funding the rehabilitation of the warehouses of the port of Ma'alla, the wireless network project and mobile devices for the purpose of digitizing the activity of the container terminal. Dr. Amzerbah has stressed the importance of obtaining the support of the Japanese government to make the port of Aden a center for inspecting ships that come to Yemeni ports, especially the ports that are under the control of the Houthi coupists.
At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mohammad Amzerbah presented souvenirs to His Excellency the Acting Ambassador for his government's contribution to the port's projects. The meeting was attended by Mr. Aref Al-Sha'bi, Director  General of Aden Ports Development Company, his deputy Mr. Fadl Al-Hujili, and the Commercial Director Mr. Ashraf Qardash.
The delegation of the ambassador was accompanied by Mr. Masanori Kitaguchi - Second Secretary and Security Attaché at the embassy, as well as the staff of the United Nations Development Office in Aden, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Tsunai and Mr. Walid Baharon.

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