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The Chinese "Exim" Bank and the Contractor "CHEC" visit the Port of Aden

March 5, 2014

Based on the visit of His Excellency President of the Republic , Marshal / Abdo Rabbo Mansoor Hadi to the People's Republic of China during the month of November of last year, 2013,

with a high-level Yemeni delegation accompanying him , which included Dr./ Waed Badeeb Minister of Transport , and the signing of the contract of Aden Container Terminal Development project and the expansion and deepening of the approach channel of the Port between YGAPC and the Chinese Company "China Harbour " by captain/ Sami Saeed Farea - Executive Chairman - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation with an approximated amount of $507 million .

In this direction , a delegation from "EXIM" Bank of the Chinese government (the financing side of the project ) and representatives of the Chinese company paid a visit to the Port of Aden this morning, Tuesday, March 5, 2014, where meetings were held with them by the leadership of the Corporation represented by captain/ Sami Saeed Farea and a number of Managers and staff from the Corporation and Aden Port Dev. Company , in addition to a number of representatives from shipping agencies working at the Port.

During these meetings various aspects related to the activities of the Port were discussed besides the level of performance and the connection between the shipping agencies and the Port Corp. as well as the expectations of progress after implementation of the project .. The attendees explained the excellent relationship , activity and providing of services at the Port , noting the importance of the implementation of this project and its reflection on attracting shipping lines to the Port to be a Hub Port concentrating on containers’ transshipment business , mentioning that

Aden container Terminal at the end of the nineties of the last century was dealing with ships of 5 thousand TEUs capacity , while in the case of implementation of the project, the terminal will be able to handle fifth and sixth generation giant container ships which has a capacity of 18 thousand TEUs , this confirms tangibly the urgent necessity to implement the project for the Port of Aden so it can compete with the neighboring ports which witnessed lately recent expansion and development works.

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