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Aden ports plan to register tourist pier building in World Heritage Organization

January 25, 2019

The Chairman of Board of Directors of Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation, Mohamed Alawi Amzerba announced the intention of the Corporation with the competent authorities to register the tourist pier building in the UNESCO World Heritage Organization as a Heritage landmark to be nominated and included in the programs of the World Heritage Sites.   This came during an inspection visit by the Governor of Aden, Ahmed Salem Rubaea Ali, to the site of the project of rehabilitation of the tourist pier building at Al-Tawahi Directorate. During the visit, the governor heard from the Chairman of YGAPC about the project and the method of implementation that will restore the building to what it was during its establishment in 1919 by using the same materials and building it with the same old architectural style. Amzerba clarified that the project will be implemented by a specialized entity in the archaeological buildings. The project will be funded by Hayel group, which is a good initiative from them.He appreciated the group response to the project and its interest in the implementation of this project. He also pointed that the leadership of the port of Aden will hold a ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the construction of the inauguration and the launch of the second phase of the project which is the stage of implementation of the project. During the visit, the Governor was accompanied by a number of Aden governorate agents, officials of Aden Ports Corporation and representatives of Hayel Saeed Anam Trading Group.

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