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YGAPC Executive Chairman meets General Managers of the Corporation

February 3, 2016

The Executive Chairman of YGAPC, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. / Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah has held a meeting on Wednesday morning, February 3, 2016 with the General Managers of the Corporation in the presence

presence of the Acting Deputy Chairman of YGAPC Mr. / Abdul-Karim Qassim Al-Shaari,. The meeting involved the General Managers of planning and marketing, technical affairs, marine operations, stores and procurements, and some of the deputies and specialists in technical, engineering and marine maintenance affairs. The meeting discussed many technical ,engineering and operational issues related to carrying out the restorations and repairs of facilities and offices at the Technical Department, as well as follow-up maintenance and repair of marine crafts of the Corporation, due to their importance in the provision and improvement of port services. The meeting came out with many assignments in this regard.

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