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Ma'alla Container Terminal is active again

May 24, 2016

Ma'alla Container Terminal has received today 23/5/2016, the first container ship (PORTOFINO) after a full stoppage since 2011. The Ship (PORTOFINO belongs to "Sea Consortium Shipping Line, which is a conveyor for containers of many international shipping lines.

. The ship will discharge the number of 712 containers carrying different goods of food and consumables for the local market.

The ship's arrival is a considered a commercial milestone that will mark the year 2016, which was prepared and arranged since a long time to restore the spirit of Ma'alla Container Terminal by exploiting the potentials, capabilities and services of the terminal, and particularly activate the service and commercial traffic in all facilities and services at the Port of Aden .

Aden Ports Development Company and Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation in cooperation with the trade and service system partners in the City of Aden, have played a prominent and important role to gain this event and re-open Ma'alla Container Terminal Wharves to receive container ships since the Port of Aden has become the main Port for receiving imports for the Republic of Yemen and the main artery for the flow of food and consumables goods for the local market.

In his statement, Mr. Mohamed Alawi Omzarbah, the Executive Chairman of YGAPC, expressed his overwhelming delight to see container ships berth again at Ma'alla Container Terminal after a five year break. The Executive Chairman thanked the shipping lines for their confidence and support for the re-run of Ma'alla Container Terminal using the ship owned cranes and also thanked Aden Ports Development Company and Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation staff for the great role played by them to overcome all difficulties and to harness all the potentials to re-activate Ma'alla Container Terminal. He added that they will not stop at this point because they have big ambitions in spite of the limited resources, since they are confident of the operational and service staff who have unlimited abilities and potentials at all the facilities and sections of the Port of Aden. We will try to achieve the best for the Port and we are eager and serious to implement the expansion plans and projects for the Port of Aden when the opportunity allow us to do so.

The Executive Chairman asked the commercial, service and security system in Aden to continue providing support and help for the Port and work together hand in hand to restore the Port good old days.

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