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Container Ships in their First Visit to the Port of Aden

December 27, 2016

The container ships (MSC Himnashi) of Swiss liner and (Mercury) of Tehama shipping services company Dubai, have berthed at Aden Container Terminal in the Port of Aden for the first time

coming from the Port of Jeddah. They would be handling approximately two thousand containers import and export supply for the local market.

On this occasion, Aden Port Development Company management have welcomed the two ships on their first visit. The ship captains were presented with welcome plaques, where they had an opportunity to express their satisfaction with the level of services provided since the arrival of the ships especially the fast container handling rates.

It is worth mentioning that the ship Mercury owned by Tehama, is launching its first company's services to operate in the Port of Aden as a containers carrier liner.

The arrival of the two ships comes at a time when Aden Ports Development Company is aiming at developing its marketing plans that are intended to convince cruise lines to direct their voyages from Far East to the Port of Aden, which would have a significant impact on decreasing shipping costs and speed up the arrival of goods to local markets.

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