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General Manager of Marine operations denies ship sinking in the Gulf of Aden

October 23, 2018

High sources in the port of Aden denied the news of the sinking of a ship in the waters of the Gulf of Aden. The General Manager of Marine operations Capt. Shakib Mohammed Abdul-Wahed clarified that a dhow called "Safa" left the port of Aden on 18/10/2018 heading to Mogadishu (Somalia) and on board syrup goods and washing soap At 1420 hours on the same day, the control tower of the port of Aden received a telephone call from its shipping agent Ba Madhaf requesting the help of Hassan dhow since the dhow "safa" was imbalanced and led to the fall of some of the soap to the sea. The captain added that the dhow Al-Hassan tugged Al-Safa to the quay of Ma'ala safely on the same day after coordination and follow-up by the management of the port .. and did not sink according to what was reported in some news. He pointed out that the initial information confirms that the cause of the accident is the imbalance in addition to the entry of water to the dhow, which led to the fall of part of the goods .. The Authority for Maritime Affairs has taken investigation on this incident as it is the competent authority.