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Yemen is counting on the Port of Aden to make it its gateway to the outside world

July 8, 2018

The Executive Chairman of YGAPC Mr. Mohammed Alawi Amzerbah said that the government is counting on the Port of Aden to make it its main gateway to the outside world, pointing out that there are future projects to develop it. The Port of Aden, located in the Gulf of Aden on the southern coast of Yemen, is one of the largest natural ports in the world, and was classified in the 1950s, the second port in the world after New York to supply ships with fuel. Amzerbah, who spoke in an interview with Anatolia, said: "Aden port is the largest port of Yemen, and we are betting on it to put Yemen on the map of the maritime industry because of its distinctive strategic location." He continued: "We seek to be a central hub of trade, and a leader in maritime services for ports and logistics services to Yemen and the region in general. ** Difficult conditions: the current situation in Yemeni ports, the Chairman clarified : "We suffer shrinkage as a result of the war imposed by the Houthees, which was reflected by the low indicators of container handling volume in ports. He explained that the handling of containers was 650 thousand containers in 2014, the number has fallen in the last three years to nearly half. Yemen has been witnessing, for more than three years, a war between government forces, and the group of "Houthi," which controls the provinces, including the capital Sana'a since 21 September 2014. The Yemeni official said that the current situation in the country does not help on the increase in port activities. The ports are witnessing a decline in their exports, which exceeded 60 thousand tons per year before the war, and then retreated to about 20 thousand tons. He pointed to the existence of strategic partners of his country, they have the intention to build the city of Aden, indicating that "it must be through steps on the ground, and potentials to help the port of Aden becomes Yemen gate to the outside world". ** A major setback The port of Aden in 2010, experienced a major setback, which was the withdrawal of transit activity, in addition to the circumstances and political crises experienced by the country and a number of Arab countries since 2011. Container handling sector has suffered fluctuation in recent years. In 2010, container handling reached 380 thousand containers, down in 2011 to 180 "The port of Aden has been completely disrupted for four months during the clashes between the legitimate forces and the rebel militias from March to July 2015," Amzrabeh added. ** Container Activity According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC, the container port activity in 2015 reached 177 thousand containers, reaching about 270 thousand containers in 2016, while the year 2017 improved positively from its predecessors, handling 334 thousand containers. "During the current year, the number reached 160,000 containers in the first half of this year, an increase of more than 20 percent," he said. He stressed the need to link the port and the city, "because the development of the port will be achieved through the development of the city of Aden economy and make it able to attract investment and everything that helps the country's growth."

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