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Health Insurance Agreement for Stevedoring Workers

November 18, 2019

On Sunday morning, November 17, 2019, a meeting was held between the leadership of YGAPC and Al-Jamhuria Hospital Authority

On Sunday morning, November 17, 2019, a meeting was held between the leadership of YGAPC and Al-Jamhuria Hospital Authority during which a health insurance agreement for stevedoring workers was signed between the Office of coordinating of stevedoring workers and Al-Jamhuria Hospital Authority Dr. Ahmed Al-Jarbah signed for the hospital, and Mr / Ramzi Jabari for the Office. The meeting was started by the Executive Chairman of YGAPC - Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC, Dr. Mohammed Alawi Amzerbah, explaining what the Corporation has done in coordination with other bodies, including shipping and stevedoring companies, procedures for the benefit of stevedoring workers, social insurance and health insurance, as well as the current procedures to provide the means of occupational safety for workers and pointed to the need for exerting efforts to reduce work injuries and not to allow any worker to work without wearing safety clothes because of the importance of workers and work in the port, wishing everyone success in the performance of their duties. For his part, Dr. Al-Jarbah thanked the leadership of the Corporation and pointed out that this meeting is the first of its kind and that it indicates something that shows the interest shown by the port leadership, this great economic edifice, which is the lifeblood of the city of Aden and its main interface, along with other facilities such as the airport, refinery and the Al-Jamhoria Hospital. During the meeting, an ambulance from Hayel Saeed Anam Group was handed over to the office of stevedoring. The meeting was attended by the head of the supervisory committee of the office of coordinating and organizing of stevedoring workers, Ms. Zainab Mulhi, the Deputy General manager of Wharves and Yards, Mr. Mehdi Al-Daghari.

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