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To assess the damage suffered by the port and enhance its capacity .. Experts from the port of Rotterdam visit the Port of Aden

November 23, 2020

The Executive Chairman of YGAPC, Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, met today, Monday, November 23, 2020 in his office, the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program, Mr. Aoki Lotsma, with the office team and accompanied by Eng. Mark Ormeister, Director of Assets at the Port of Rotterdam.
The Chairman welcomed the delegation and appreciated the program’s efforts to start practical measures to implement the project of supplying and installing the ship control system, which would enhance the reputation of Aden Port in terms of securing the port and the safety of its maritime navigation.

Amzerbah discussed with the delegation extensively on the task of experts coming from the Port of Rotterdam to assess the damage caused to the port due to the war, indicating the need to help the port overcome the challenges it faces due to this war, and he mentioned the following:
1- The high maritime insurance for imported goods as a result of characterizing the port as a war zone and studying the solutions proposed to address this challenge, which is to place a bank deposit with insurance companies to reduce marine insurance, noting that the Yemeni economy lost in the two years 2018/2019 more than 250 million dollars due to insurance
-2-That inspection of containers be carried out in the port of Aden instead of the ports of Jeddah and Djibouti, which will save the Yemeni importer huge money due to handling the containers more than once and the delay in re-shipment and payment of storage fees in these ports
3- Rehabilitation and replacement of facilities and equipment destroyed by the war, so that the port can carry out its duties as required, as it is the main port of Yemen and serves more than 30 million people.
Amzerbah has directed all concerned departments to facilitate the task of Dutch visitors and experts, who will visit the port facilities during the next three days.
After meeting the Chairman of te Corporation, the guests visited the technical workshop, as it is one of the port's most important facilities, and the required interventions to enhance its technical capacity were discussed. This was followed by a boat trip, which astonished the visitors with the extent of the capabilities in the Port of Aden, the diversity of services in it, and the beauty of the views overlooking the city from the marine side.

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