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The First Undersecretary of the Governorate & The Executive Chairman of YGAPC discuss the Precautionary Measures for Corona Pandemic (Covid 19) in the Port of Aden.

December 22, 2020

A meeting was held today Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at YGAPC Head Office building, in the presence of the First Undersecretary of Aden Governorate / Mohammad Nasr Shadly and Dr. / Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, the Executive Chairman,  Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC, the General Director of the Public Health Office, Dr. / Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the Director General of the Tawahi Directorate Mr./ Omar Kutbi.
The meeting was dedicated to discuss the preparations and level of readiness for facing Covid19 and the risks of the reappearance of the pandemic as well as the importance of activating precautionary measures in all Ports of  Aden, at the forefront, the Gulf of Aden Ports.
Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, reviewed the intensive efforts and precautionary measures that are being implemented in all the sea ports of Aden, and the available capabilities of screening devices for arrivals through various ships coming to and from Aden.
For his side, the First Undersecretary for Aden Governorate / Mohamed Nasr affirmed that matters in the capital Aden are reassuring and there is nothing to cause panic or fear, especially since everyone is keen on the importance of integrating efforts, cooperation, coordination and constant communication regarding what is related to the return of a second pandemic for Corona through continuous communication with the joint operations room of the emergency committee and the governorate of Aden, which the governor pays most attention to.
The meeting concluded with an agreement to strengthen and activate precautionary measures and raise readiness in all ports of the Gulf of Aden in anticipation of any emergency, including ensuring the safety of those arriving at the ports of our country by conducting the necessary checks.
The meeting was attended by Mr. Osan Mahmoud, Adviser of the Governor for Health Affairs, Dr. Salem Al-Shabhi, Member of the Emergency Committee, and Captain / Ahmed Mohammad Al-Bishi, Acting Harbour Master at YGAPC.

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