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His Excellency the Minister of Transport and YGAPC Executive Chairman Reviewed the Activities of Ma'alla Port

January 14, 2021

The Excutive Chairman of YGAPC, Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, received his Excellency the Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdul Salam Hamid, who carried out a field visit today, Thursday, to review the activities of the Port of Ma'alla.
The Minister discussed with the Chairman of YGAPC, the status of the Corporation, the workflow in its various sectors, the activity of wharves and containers, the difficulties and needs and the means of developing them.  They toured in the wharves of  of Mualla to inspect the work level that the corporation seeks to double to meet the needs and supports the national economy.
Amzarbeh also reviewed the overall efforts made by the Corporation in raising the level of performance and organizing work affairs in various aspects and features of the current year’s plan, which aims to enhance the gains and achievements required by the current phase.
During the meeting chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Transport, Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah affirmed that maximum efforts would be made to raise the level of performance of the ports managed by the Corporation, in implementation of the directives of  the President of the Republic,  Marshal/ Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi because of the importance of ports, especially the port of Aden, in the national economy, as well as being the main port for the entry of the country's needs and humanitarian aid.
The meeting discussed the challenges facing the work of the corporation, the possible solutions to address them, the needs required to upgrade the shipping services and the mechanism used in developing and improving revenues.
At the meeting, His Excellency the Minister of Transport praised the remarkable efforts made by the Corporation, its employees and its leadership represented by Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, their role in maintaining the continuity of their work during the difficult period that the country went through and their dedication to performing the duties entrusted to them efficiently and competently.
He stressed the necessity of developing strategic plans aimed at developing the port's performance and improving its navigation services to upgrade what it provides to ships and vessels and attract new transport lines that contribute to activating the work of the container terminal at Caltex and Ma'alla berths in order to stimulate commercial traffic and make the port efficient and competitive to neighboring ports.
He explained that the next stage requires creating the appropriate climate to overcome the difficulties it faces internally, promote the port's activity, improve its revenues, solve the problems of workers' rights and owed debts, and arrange matters related to the financial situation by finding quick solutions to reform by following the available official and legal frameworks praising the quality activities and services accomplished by the Corporation during the past period.
The Minister of Transport explained that the Ministry is currently working on addressing the problems presented by the leadership of the corporation and its sectors, including the high costs of insurance and shipping for incoming ships and transport rents, for discussion with the government in a way that can support and improve the port's conditions in addition to the possibility of benefiting from projects provided by donors such as the Saudi program For Emaar, which presented 35 projects, the United Nations Program Authority and  Abu Dhabi Investment Fund project in support of the expansion and investment plans needed by the port sectors, thus contributing to improving revenues and restoring port activity.
The meeting included a visual presentation on the activities of the Port of Aden, the statistics of losses in revenues and circulation in container terminals, and the features of the strategic development projects for the next phase.
The Minister of Transport inspected during his visit the workflow and commercial activity of  Ma'alla berths in the Port of Aden, and was briefed on the movement of transporting and handling dry cargo, stevedoring and services provided to ships and the difficulties facing the port's workflow.


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