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The Visit of His Excellency the Minister of Transport to Aden Container Terminal

March 16, 2021

His Excellency the Minister of Transport Dr. Abdel Salam Hamid visited Aden Port Container Terminal in light of the Ministry’s interest in the Port of Aden and its facilities, especially the container terminal, which is the most prominent activity in the port and what the container activity represents globally in terms of support and tributary to port activities and the economies of countries.
His Excellency the Minister was received by Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzraba , Chairman of the Board of Directors of APDC, Mr. Aref Al Shaabi - Director General of Aden Ports Development Company (Aden Container Terminal) and his deputy, Mr. Fadl Al Hujaili and a number of directors of departments and divisions.
During the visit, His Excellency the Minister kindly convened a meeting that included the leaders of the commercial and service system at Aden Container Terminal represented by the Customs Authority represented by Mr. Abdul Hakim Al-Qubati, Head of the Customs Authority, and Mr. Mohsen Qahtan, Director General of Aden Free Zone Customs, in the presence of the Deputy Director of Security of the Free Zone, Colonel Aref Al-Saadi and the Land Transport Authority represented by Mr. Faris Shaafel, Director General of the Land Transport Authority.
The meeting began with the speech of His Excellency the Minister of Transport, in which he referred to the ministry’s interest in the activities of the port of Aden, especially the container activity, which is the main activity and what the port represents as the main maritime port of the Republic, which works in serving the flow of food and consumer goods as well as medical and food supplies to Yemeni people.
His Excellency the Minister praised the outstanding performance at the container terminal, which was embodied in the past month of January, as the container terminal achieved its highest handling rates since its establishment, which exceeded 50,000 containers within one month. He also praised the issue of improving ship waiting rates, which affected positively on movement and commercial activity in the city. This is reflected in reducing transportation costs.
The quadripartite meeting discussed the obstacles facing the issue of mutual coordination and joint cooperation between the various service authorities in the port of Aden and the means of coordination, joint and unified work that aims to serve commercial traffic and service activity in the Port of Aden.
The Minister of Transport preached the interest and adoption by the government of the project to expand the road between the container terminal and the customs of the free zone, which is expected to be implemented in the near future through bearing the costs and sharing them between Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation and the Customs Authority, which will have a positive effect in facilitating and smoothing the movement of trucks and traffic jams on this road. It will also contribute to facilitating the smooth and flexible movement of trucks directly and quickly from the container terminal gate to the inspection device at the customs gate.
At the end of the meeting, His Excellency thanked the leadership of the Port of Aden, the Customs Authority, the Land Transport Authority and the Security of the Free Zone, and all employees and workers in all these sectors for their efforts to serve the citizen and to enhance the commercial and service movement in the Port of Aden and looked forward to the continuation of holding meetings  that would work to overcome and solve all obstacles, difficulties and problems.

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