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UNODC Extends its Thanks and Appreciation to the Leadership of YGAPC

August 21, 2022

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, Dr. Muhammad Alawi Amzerba, YGAPC Executive Chairman, met with the coordinators and experts of the United Nations Office on Crime and Drugs (which implements the Global Maritime Crime Program) residing in the city of Aden. The meeting was opened by Mr. Omar Al-Awdat by giving thanks and appreciation to YGAPC for its cooperation in the success of the first phase of the office work. In the meeting, the attendees discussed the completion of the work of assessing security measures in the port facilities belong to Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation (YGAPC) with the aim of improving the level of security measures in a way that keeps pace with the required international standards, which also comes within the procedures for compliance with the International Code of Security for Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS Code). For his part, Dr. Amzerba confirmed that this matter will also contribute to reducing shipping and insurance costs imposed on goods shipped to Aden, which will reflect positively on the economic situation.


In the meeting, Dr. Amzerba listened to the training program that the office will set up to raise the level of public safety for workers in seaports through holding courses for handling dangerous cargo as well as preserving the marine environment. The experts of the office will also evaluate and improve customs procedures in the port through holding a series of specialized training courses and joint workshops for all parties operating in the port of Aden aimed at improving the level of coordination and with the aim of raising awareness, especially in legal matters related to maritime issues. Dr. Amzerba had emphasized holding courses to deal with dangerous cargo to avoid accidents and raise awareness in the field of maritime law and judiciary.


The meeting was attended by the UNODC: Omar Al-Awdat (Program Coordinator in Yemen), Saleh Nahshel (Program Officer), Francine Stapel (Port Security Expert), Sari Jardin (Customs Expert), and Ismail Shaderma (Customs Expert).


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