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Inauguration of (VTMIS) in the Port of Aden

November 15, 2022

The Vessel Traffic Services System (VTMIS) was inaugurated in the Port of Aden, in the presence of Mr. Auke Lootsma from the United Nations Development Program. During the recent period, training courses were held in Vessel Traffic Management Services System (VTMIS) for employees and specialized technicians in the Port of Aden, in the control building of the Maritime Department at Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation.

The training courses covered the method of operating the system and dealing with it, maintenance of the system's devices, in addition to the practical training of the system's supervisors to operate it, as well as how to train the operators of the system in the future.

The Vessel Traffic Management Services System is an electronic navigation aid capable of real-time monitoring of sea traffic, and enhancing navigational safety and environmental protection by identifying, monitoring, planning and managing ship traffic.

United Nations Development Program has funded the purchasing of the system to enable the port to exchange information with the crews of naval vessels that will help to increase the efficiency of maritime traffic activities.

The system consists of (2) radars, an automatic identification system unit, a weather forecast device, and (5) marine communication devices. All sensors were integrated into a single control unit and the system was successfully operated in October 2022.


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