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The tug "Wadi Hateeb" returns to the Port of Aden After completing its maintenance and repair work

November 23, 2022

With continuous follow-up from the Corporation’s leadership, represented by the Executive Chairman of YGAPC, Dr. Muhammad Alawi Amzrabah, and his deputy, Eng. Abdulrab Al-Khulaqi, and the specialized technical team, the tug “Wadi Hateeb” arrived today to the Port of Aden, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, after completing its maintenance and repair work in the Republic of Djibouti..
This tug  carries out the tasks of entering and departing giant ships, as it has the ability to maneuver freely in all directions.
With the tug "Wadi Hatib" entering into service again,  the operational capacity will be enhanced and will improve the level of service performance in the Port along with the other marine vessels of the Corporation ...
It is noted that the Corporation's leadership has sought and is still seeking to raise the level of navigational activity, as it has paid great attention to developing and modernizing its marine and land machinery and equipment to improve its production capacity.

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