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Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzrabah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Port of Aden, to Al-Hadath TV:

January 13, 2023

The issue of ships has taken a lot of research and a lot of controversy, whether at the level of public opinion or at the level of the government as well. We, as a port, have made great efforts, and if we hadn't intervened, the disaster would have been greater.  We have removed ships from the navigational channel by a distance of about a thousand meters, and we have made efforts and facilities for all the supervising agencies on these ships. We also worked to withdraw the oil waste to reduce the disaster that would have occurred.
The move came after a joint meeting that included the Minister of Transport and the competent authorities in the ports, as well as the General Authority for Maritime Affairs, and it was agreed on a series of decisions, including submitting a case to the Commercial Court. The decision was issued by the court to dispose of the ships and cut them in their places, according to the experts, because removing them from their place would cause an environmental catastrophe




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