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A joint meeting was held between the Ministries of Transport, Industry and Commerce and the Chambers of Shipping & Commerce in Aden

February 15, 2023

Today, Wednesday morning, February 15, 2023, a meeting was held at the General Headquarters of the Ministry of Transport in  Aden, chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdul Salam Saleh Humaid, and the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Salem Salman, in the presence of the heads of the Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Abu Bakr Baobeid, the Chamber of shipping, Mr. Talib Salim, and the shipping agents.
The meeting was devoted to discussing the rumors of lies by the Houthi militia regarding the coalition's agreement to transfer shipping lines and cargo ships to the port of Hodeidah.
After the end of the meeting, the Ministries of Transport and Industry and Trade issued a statement  as follows:
The Ministries of Transport and Industry and Trade would like to alert the traders that there is no change in the procedures for entering goods into the country's various ports, including the port of Hodeidah, and that the rumors spread are pure lies and an attempt to avoid the law and the mechanisms agreed upon with both the legitimate Yemeni government, the coalition leadership and the United Nations. The two ministries warns of any attempt to be drawn into the rumors of the Houthi militia to evade the commitment to apply the legal procedures in force and under any justification, as this will expose the agent to legal penalties leading to the blacklist, and we also draw the attention of the traders that the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Trade are about to announce a set of procedures and instructions that will reorganize the trade movement in the various ports to ensure the ease of goods arrival and contribute to raising the efficiency of the process of transporting and delivering goods and various commodities. The government rejects the blackmail that the commercial and shipping sector is exposed to, and the policy of tampering with the people's livelihood through suspension, prevention and extortion practiced by the militias.
The Government stresses that warning measures should be taken against ships that violate government decisions and procedures, as well as traders and shipping agents who violate these decisions and procedures.

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