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A workshop entitled the concept of international commercial arbitration and its importance to maritime activity, traders & investors in Aden under the patronage of YGAPC

March 9, 2023

A workshop was held at the Corporation’s headquarters on Wednesday and Thursday 8-9 March 2023, entitled (The concept of commercial arbitration and its importance to maritime activity, traders and investors in Aden) sponsored by the International Court for Dispute Settlement in England and Aden International Modern Center for Arbitration and Dispute Settlement, in the presence of the Executive chairman of the Corporation, Dr. Muhammad Alawi Amzrabah and his deputy, Engineer / Abdul Rab Jaber Al-Khulaqi, and the lecturer - Dr. / Faisal Hassan bin Mahri, Director of Legal Affairs Department, Mr. Nazir Hassan, Deputy President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Salem Muhammad Al Saadi, and representatives of a number of major shipping companies in Aden and leading commercial companies.
The workshop was inaugurated by the Executive chairman of YGAPC, Dr. Muhammad Alawi Amzarbah, welcoming the participants and mentioned topics of interest to the maritime transport sector.  He stressed the importance of international commercial arbitration, and that the world is moving in its technical and logistical development in developing the commercial business system by creating a safe climate for investment business by heading towards settling expected disputes through arbitration.
The workshop achieved great success and interaction, and issued among its outputs recommendations that have a positive impact on the maritime sector and all sectors related to it. This is part of the remarkable activity of the Corporation in developing all its sectors to keep pace with  developments in international ports.

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