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Discussing ways to enhance coordination and cooperation between Maritime Affairs Authority and the Port of Aden

November 2, 2023

On Thursday morning, the second of November 2023, Captain Yaslam Mubarak Bou Amr met in his office at the General Authority for Maritime Affairs with Eng. /Abdulrab Jaber Al-Khulaqi, Deputy Executive Chairman at YGAPC, to discuss a number of recent maritime issues related to the work of the two parties, which would coordinate and organize the work and achieve safety requirements and maritime security in the Port of Aden.
Capt./ Yaslam welcomed the Deputy Executive Chairman, stressing the great status of the port of Aden and its container terminal, which is the most important commercial sea port in Yemen, and the necessity of working to enhance interaction and coordination of work with the aim of developing work in the port and improving performance, since the success of the port is a success for all marine institutions and bodies in Yemen, under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport.
The meeting discussed the mechanism for removing dilapidated ships in the Port of Aden, which are considered a danger to marine navigation in the port, in addition to discussing the security assessment reports issued by IMO experts regarding the port of Aden and the mechanisms to implement the requirements in those reports in cooperation and coordination with the Authority.
For his part, Eng. Al-Khulaqi stressed the importance of the Maritime Affairs Authority and its role in developing work in the Yemeni maritime transport sector, and the importance of coordination and cooperation between it and the port of Aden, stressing that this visit comes within the same framework, thanking the Deputy Chairman of the Maritime Affairs Authority for the warm reception and permanent cooperation from the Maritime Affairs Authority.
The meeting was attended by Eng./ Faisal Muhammad Marai, Advisor of  the Authority and General Manager of Marine Safety, Captain Saheem Abdullah Abkar,  General Manager of the Authority’s branch in Aden and Mr. Ammar Hisham, General Manager of the Deputy's Office at the Authority.
After the meeting, Eng. Al-Khulaqi, visited the regional information exchange center at the Authority’s main center, which was recently reactivated in the capital Aden, in addition to visiting some public departments at the main center, praising the great development in the work of the Maritime Affairs Authority and the activation of many tasks that were previously suspended.


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