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he Minister of Transport reviews the progress of ACT in the Port of Aden, stressing that the port is witnessing remarkable recovery and activity

February 7, 2024

 His Excellency the Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdul Salam Saleh Humaid, was briefed on the progress of work at the container terminal in
 the Port of Aden, and stevedoring and handling procedures through the port’s berths and container storage yards.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC, Dr. Muhammad Alawi Amzarba, gave an explanation about the working mechanism of the port and the extent of its readiness to receive ships, noting that the port of Aden is the main maritime gateway to the country and has an important strategic location and natural protection that enables it to work throughout the year. The Port is do not get affected by environmental conditions such as storms, winds, wave movement, on addotion to the port’s proximity to the international shipping line. These features are rarely available in many ports in the countries of the region and the world.
The Minister of Transport explained that the inspection visit comes to follow up on the progress of work at the container terminal in the port, especially after the transfer of ship inspection to the port of Aden, with the tireless efforts of the Ministry of Transport and Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation, indicating that the port is witnessing remarkable recovery and activity, as it witnessed in December last year the entry of 12 ships, and in January of this year 14 ships entered, and the number of shipping lines is expected to increase in the coming days.
The Minister of Transport confirmed that the port of Aden has become ready in terms of capabilities, technical equipment, supervision and follow-up on the progress of navigational traffic, in addition to taking measures related to providing benefits and facilities to visitors and dealers with the port, reviewing the procedures and steps that were taken to improve commercial activity after the decision taken by the Vice Chairman of the Council was implemented. The Presidential Command, Major General Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, regarding the removal of illegal points and pivotal balances inside the port and on the transport lines between the southern governorates... sending an invitation to all shipping lines and major import companies that the port of Aden is ready to receive various ships and provide navigational services for arrivals and departures.
Minister Humaid praised the efforts made by the leadership and employees of the terminal in the recent period and the importance of continuous coordination between all parties within the port, which would address the obstacles facing the workflow immediately, stressing that the Houthi coup militia attacks on the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Sea had a great impact. On the movement of commercial ships in international sea lanes and the resulting increase in transport fees and insurance prices, and Yemen is not the only one affected by this, but rather the countries of the region and the world, calling on the international community to confront these terrorist acts against international shipping lines in order to preserve the interest of the world and international shipping lanes.
For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation explained that the maritime transport sector in the country is going through exceptional circumstances as a result of the Houthi attacks, and efforts are being made by the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and the Corporation to address the difficulties that hinder the continuation of navigation work in the port of Aden and the liberated ports.
After that, His Excellency the Minister of Transport held a meeting with the leadership of YGAPC, the inspection committee in the port of Aden, and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Maritime, and the authorities assigned to the port, to discuss the progress of the committee’s activity in the port, the challenges it faces, and how to overcome them.
The meeting, which was attended by the Director General of the Container Terminal, Arif Al-Shaabi, the Deputy Director of the Free Zone Customs, Mohsen Qahtan, the Director General of the Free Zone Customs, the members of the Committee, the Director of the Maritime Chamber, Talib Salim, the Deputy Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Maritime, Sheikh Salem Al-Saadi, and the Director of the Office of the Minister of Transport, Bassam Al-Maflahi, stood before the meeting. A number of topics related to establishing a joint work mechanism and enhancing coordination between the entities and parties working in the port to ensure the completion of procedures for facilitating transactions and the rapid release of goods and initiating arrangements related to establishing a single window system in coordination with the competent government agencies to facilitate
Commercial traffic.
His Excellency the Minister of Transport stressed the importance of everyone assuming responsibility in contributing to reviving shipping traffic in the strategic port of Aden and providing the necessary facilities in line with international specifications and standards, which would create enhanced competition with neighboring ports.