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August 13, 2020

Country + City code: 00967 2 ######  

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Company Name Contact Name Phone Fax Mail
Al-Halal Shipping Co. Ibrahim Abdulla Khan 243295 247844  
Al-Qassim Shipping Co. Ltd Ahmed M. Al-Mokhadry 240026 24360 [email protected]
Green Yemen Shipping Capt. Ali Ahmed 246021 246025 [email protected]
Gulf Agency Co. (Yemen) Ltd. Hisham Al-Saqqaff 247161 247163 [email protected]
Hodeidah Shipping & Transport Co. Nigel Chevriot 246000 246013 [email protected]
International Shipping Co. Ltd Kamal AL-Ramah 248850 248855 [email protected]
Middle East Shipping Co Ltd Ali Mohmmad AL- Mukhadry 240958 240957 [email protected]
Arwad Island Shipping & Stevedoring Co. Mohamed Labeeb Mohamed 201501 207348 [email protected]
Sharf Shipping Agencies Co.Ltd Imam Shahed Mohi Addein 264821 264824 [email protected]
United Yemen Shipping Co. Capt.Ibrahim Abdulla 248467 246120 [email protected]
Taiba shipping Co Helmi Hassan Deaan 202064 202064 [email protected]
Yana Shipping Company Fanar Ahmad Zoqari 777922911 733717113 [email protected]
Saba International Shipping and Project Investment co.ltd Hussain Matloub 240371-3 240316 [email protected]
United Glopal Shipping Agency Ltd. Khaled Saleh Muhsen Al-Karmadi 711609369 202287 [email protected]
International Link Company for services Sameer Ahmed Al-Husaini 777447229    
Al-Bukari Shipping Company Ltd. Osama Hadi Ahmed Barakat 771152085 247606 [email protected]
Mediterranean Shipping Co. Yemen Ltd. Talib Abdulla Saleem 247323 247325  
Elephant Bay Company For Shipping & Services Omer Abdul Qadir 203081   [email protected]
Ocean Shipping Co. Ahmed Mohamad Abdulqader 242667 241484 [email protected]
Peninsula Shipping Company Hussain Matloub 247321 247325 [email protected]
.Red Sea National Shipping Co Ahmad Gazem Saeed 241355 241321 [email protected]
.Sea Breeze Shipping Co Salah Mohamed Saleh 777888082 - -
Universal Company for Shipping Services Amr Mohamed Abdo Wael 734517417 - [email protected]
Speed line logistics for Stevedoring Abdulla Balfakih 777526660 - [email protected]
Hadramout Coast Office for Shipping & Supplies Khlaed Abdulla Omar Saeed 771125555 - [email protected]
Mediterran. Sea Shipping Company Limited Saleh Awadh Hassan 781967153 237942 [email protected]

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