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August 13, 2020

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Company Name Contact Name Phone Fax Mail
Al-Mansoob for Ship Supplying Ahmad Abdulatif Al-Mansoob 202910 237912 mansoob @ yemen . net.ye
Al- Waleed for Ship Supply Waleed Mohammed Hussain 202384 203949 [email protected]
Khaled Mohammed Hussain Khaled Mohammed Hussain 235247 235238 [email protected]
Anwar Salim Lardhy for Ship Chandling Anwar Salim Lardhy 777397012 387667 [email protected] www.aslardhyaden.com
Nageeb Ahmed Nageeb Ahmed 204232 203987  
Maher Baharoon for Trading, Import & Export Maher Omar Baharoon 770132344 382122 [email protected]
Al-Hamdi Office for Chandelling Services Hamdi Abdo Saeed 733442598 776468361 [email protected]
Alfanar for Chandelling Services Fanar Ahmed Bin Ahmed Zokari 735595772 733717113  
Almehdi Company for Shipping Services Safwan Anwar Hamed 248446 248447  
Almarsa Stevedoring Co. Wael Ahmed Saleh Muthana 733559448 733559448  
Bari Co. for Shipping Services Sanad Ali Mohsen 774172203   [email protected]
Wise Services & Trading Agencies Company Ghasan Ali Naser 276266   [email protected]
Elephant Bay Comp. for Shipping & Services Omer Abdul Qadir 203081 202935 [email protected]
Around the Ocean Office for Chandelling Services Saleh Ahmed Saleh Abdulla 776393745 735633426 [email protected]
Sabaa International Shipping Co. Hussain Matlob 240371 240316 [email protected]
.Labeeb Abu Ali Shipping Co Mohamed Labeeb Mohamed 730592510 771109151 -

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March 19, 2023
The Acting Japanese Ambassador to Yemen Visits the Port of Aden

His Excellency the Acting Japanese Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Kazuhiro Higashi, said that he was very happy to visit the ...

March 9, 2023
A workshop entitled the concept of international commercial arbitration and its importance to maritime activity, traders & investors in Aden under the patronage of YGAPC

A workshop was held at the Corporation’s headquarters on Wednesday and Thursday 8-9 March 2023, entitled (The co ...

February 24, 2023
Visit of the Seafarers' Mission Organization to the Port of Aden

After their first visit to Aden Port in 2021 to introduce the Mission’s work (Caring for seafarers around the world) and to ...