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August 13, 2020

Country + City code: 00967 2 ######  

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Company Name Contact Name Phone Fax Mail
Sea Bolt Co. Marwan Abdulla Othman 777065034 377399 [email protected]
Capt. Abdul-Moti Hasan Capt. Abdul-Moti Hasan 777922988


[email protected]
Sea Bolt Co. Azaal Najeeb Ali 377272 377399 [email protected]
Sea Bolt Co. Fahd Ahmad Bin Ahmed 770267610 377400

[email protected]

The Arab Company for Marine Inspection and Consultation Ltd. Haiti Arashgi Barsad Niroshen 770122123-712275123 247602 [email protected]
Hodieda Shipping Co. Mohsen Ali Moustafa 730598222   [email protected]
Hodieda Shipping Co. Zuhair Mohmmed Abdulshakoor 733848626 246051 [email protected]
Hodieda Shipping Co. Mohmmed Athullah A.S.     735201444 246013 [email protected]
Mukbel Abdul-Gabar Abdulla Moqbel Abdul-Gabar Abdulla 777342621   [email protected]
Faiz Mohmmed Saeed Faiz Mohmmed Saeed     777782424  

[email protected]

Sea Bolt Co. Ghafar Hussain Othman 776048060  


Sea Bolt Co. Sami Saeed Ali Hubaishan 377277  


Sea Bolt Co. Esmat Ali Ahmad 377277    
Sea Bolt Co. Ghasan Abdulwahab Naif 777348862    
Sea Bolt Co. Hani Saleh Ahmad Saleh 777370252    

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