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The Minister of Transport and the Governor of Aden on a visit to Aden Container Terminal

September 29, 2021

His Excellency the  Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdulsalam Hamid, accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Hamid Lamlas, the Governor of Aden, visited Aden Port Container Terminal. They were received by Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzraba - the Executive Chairman of YGAPC, accompanied by Mr. Aref Hassan Al-Shaabi, Director General of the Container Terminal, and his deputy Mr. Fadl Al-Hujaili, and a number of department managers at the Container Terminal
The meeting was also attended by Mr. Hassan Haid - Chairman of  Aden Free Zone, Mr. Mohsen Qahtan, the director General of the Customs, as well as Colonel Abdul Salam Al-Omari - the Security Director at Aden Free Zone, and a number of security leaders in Aden Free Zone.

The Chairman of the shipping Chamber of Commerce, his deputy, and a number of representatives of shipping line agents were invited to the meeting. The meeting focused on the need to activate direct communication by the leadership of the ministry and the local council of the governorate with the shipping agents to know their difficulties as representatives of the international shipping lines that transport goods, and because of their direct contact with local merchants which are the centerpiece of the business process and its main pillar.
Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerba, the Executive Chairman of YGAPC, welcomed the attendees of the meeting which was chaired by His Excellency Dr. Abdulsalam Hamid, Minister of Transport, and His Excellency the Governor of Aden Governorate. Dr. Amzerba also briefed the attendees on the performance indicators of the container terminal during the period from January to August of this year 2021 compared to the same period last year. He referred to the increase in container handling rates, which was accompanied by an increase in handling rates and a reduction in the waiting period for ships in the port at a time when the world is witnessing a slowdown in container service activities due to the high costs of maritime transport and the lack of container availability, with the concentration of shipping lines activities in serving transit shipping lines. The Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean between China and the United States of America, and China and Europe, which in turn raised the prices of sea freight globally and had a great impact as well locally, in addition to being high for the Yemeni importer due to the consequences of summer 2015 war.

The Minister of Transport, said that we were keen to hold the meeting at the container terminal because of our belief in the importance of the field visit for touching  the obstacles and difficulties that the service process in the port of Aden may have on the ground. The Minister of Transport also praised the leadership of the port and its crew, praising the active role they play, especially the raising of performance indicators and the increase in handling rates in the current year 2021 compared to last year.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzerba accompanied the attendees on a field tour of the container terminal and kindly provided an explanation about the terminal's various activities and its future plans.
All the attendees praised the activities of the container terminal and the current level of performance, which made a difference that distinguishes this year from its predecessors in terms of speed of performance and reducing the time spent in servicing visiting ships.

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