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August 20, 2017
The Executive Chairman of YGAPC inaugurates the Maritime Training Center

At the ceremony, the Chairman said that the Maritime Training Center is considered one of the centers that should be taken care of as a training unit for all staff in the maritime field. He pointed ou ...

August 8, 2017
The Prime Minister lays down the foundation stone for ACT access road expansion project

Bin Dagher stressed the importance of the project in the rehabilitation of infrastructure services of Aden Container Terminal, which the President of the Republic / Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi gives all hi ...

July 30, 2017
Implementation of Aden and Ma'alla Container Terminals Roads Expansion Projects

Engineer Hussein Al-Aqrabi and attendance of technicians and specialists of both sides, mainly for the discussion on the execution plans of the implementation of the strategic project related to the ...

July 25, 2017
Inauguration of Port access road expantion

in the northern part of the Port which is considered one of the important strategic solutions through which the process of improving and securing the movement of trucks transporting containers to and ...

July 5, 2017
Intensive efforts to approve rehabilitation projects in the Port of Aden

a meeting was held on the afternoon of July 7, 2017, at the governorate's headquarters. The meeting was attended by the governorate undersecretaries, Dr. Rashad Shaya and Eng. Ghassan Zamki, Mr. ...

July 4, 2017
Signing Agreement for Tourist Pier Reconstruction

as well as those of institutions and government facilities, a meeting was held on Monday July 3, 2017 between YGAPC Executive Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Alawi Imzerba and Mr. Ghassan Al-Zamki, Deputy Gove ...

July 3, 2017
Prime Minister inspecting new generators arrived to the port of Aden

under a government contract with Bagersh and Al-Saadi to supply Aden with purchased electricity. They will be installed at Mansoura and Khor Makser stations to bring them into service as soon as possi ...

July 3, 2017
Signing Agreement for facilitating relief aid

the WFP Resident Representative in Yemen for renting an area in the Port of Ma'alla  for the purpose of facilitating management of the program activities in terms of receiving aid and relief mate ...

May 24, 2017
The Yacht "Miss Veena" visits the Port of Aden

The yacht carries the Egyptian flag and was coming from the Port of Sudan and left to the port of Salalah in Omman for the purpose of providing Touristic services for tourists. The crew of the yacht a ...

May 18, 2017
Discussing the Legal Framework of Stevedoring Activity

in the presence of shipping offices and stevedoring companies to discuss the application of the legal framework for facilitateling stevedoring operations. The meeting was held to inform shipping and s ...

May 18, 2017
The success of Commercial Disputes Settlement Committee

in resolving commercial disputes in complaints pending sponsored and supported by the leadership of the Corporation represented by its Executive Chairman Mr. Mohamed Alawi Amzrabeh through follow up a ...

May 9, 2017
High Performance Indicators for Container Activity in Aden Port for April

The Port of Aden is witnessing a remarkable increase in its various activities, especially container activity, which is the most prominent aspect of the port's activities and services.The increas ...

April 25, 2017
Undersecretary of Aden Governorate meets Stevedoring Special Committee

the Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC and stevedoring offices and companies. They discussed several stevedoring issues and approved the formulatuon,form and legal framework to facilitate st ...

April 25, 2017
A steady growth in container handling, up to 16%

with a growth rate of 16% compared to the corresponding period of January to April of 2016, which amounted 81 thousand TEUs.

April 21, 2017
Meeting of Dispute Settlement Committee

and provided the solutions to facilitate the arrival of ships to the Port of Aden. The Committee appreciated the role of the Executive Chairman of the Corporation, Mr. Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah, to prov ...

April 16, 2017
Passama Car Carrier berthed at Aden Container Terminal

The commercial center of engines owns the largest share in the number of vehicles received. Such a step marks the birth of a new era for the revitalization of the industrial and warehousing Area (Free ...

March 26, 2017
Issuance of Resolution no.(14) for 2017

Please go to Circulars icon to download the file of the amended resolution.

March 17, 2017
Aden Port Fully Ready to receive containers and other cargo traffic

Aden port is the largest Yemeni port which competed with the ports of New York and Rotterdam in the early sixties .. What distinguishes Aden port also is its capacity to handle all types of cargoes an ...

March 13, 2017
Chairman of YGAPC Honors the Corporation's Women Staff

, where certificates and gifts were distributed to honor them on this occasion in recognition of their great efforts.The Executive Chairman  greeted the staff in a breifed word and thanked their outs ...

February 27, 2017
United Nations Under Secretary-General Visits the Port of Aden

paid a visit today, February 27, 2017  to Ma'alla Wharves where he was received by the Executive Chairman of YGAPC Mr./ Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah and his Deputy as well as a number of officials and ...