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February 3, 2016
YGAPC Executive Chairman meets General Managers of the Corporation

presence of the Acting Deputy Chairman of YGAPC Mr. / Abdul-Karim Qassim Al-Shaari,. The meeting involved the General Managers of planning and marketing, technical affairs, marine operations, stores a ...

January 30, 2016
YGAPC rejects allegation

. The leadership of YGAPC confirms that such a statement did not come from any official at the Port to any party, and that the coordination process between the Corporation leadership and His Excellenc ...

January 17, 2016
The Chairman of the Corporation meets YGAPC General Managers

for Ports Development building with the General Managers of the Corporation in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of YGAPC Eng. / Abdulrab Jaber Al-Khulaqi. The meeting involved the General Managers ...

January 11, 2016
Chairman of YGAPC meets General Managers of the Corporation

. The meeting involved the General Managers of planning and marketing, financial ,legal affairs, human resources, services, Requisities, auditing and inspection as well as the maritime training center ...

January 6, 2016
The President Inspects the Container Terminal in Aden

The President was accompanied in his visit to ACT and Ma'alla Wharf by General/Saleh Obaid Ahmed, where he was received by the Governor of Aden Brigadier/ Aidroos Al-Zubaidi and the Security Dire ...

January 4, 2016
The Minister of Transport First Visit to Aden Container Terminal

,Chairman of Board of Directors of Aden Port Development Company Mr. / Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah and the acting Director General of APDC Mr./ Aref Al-Shaabi and a number of managers at the terminal. T ...

January 3, 2016
Ma'alla Wharf is Under Government Security Forces Protection

The Chairman said in a statement to "Aden Al-Ghad" newspaper on Saturday, January 2, 2016 that Ma'alla Wharf and Aden Container Terminal became under government security forces which ...

January 3, 2016
Approvement of Procedures Dealing with Reducing accidents related to injuries at Ma'alla Wharves - Aden.December 29, 2015

The Executive Chairman of YGAPC Mr. / Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah approved the minutes of the meeting held at the head office of Ma'alla Wharves, which involved both the leadership of Ma'alla wh ...

January 1, 2016
The National Army Takes Over the Protection of Aden Container Terminal

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. / Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah has clarified that the National Army task to protect the container terminal came after an agreement with the members of the resistanc ...

December 26, 2015
Aden Container Terminal receives three commercial ships at a time

since the liberation of the city of Aden, the terminal has received yesterday three commercial ships at a time, which could not be done with such arrangement and success even in the pre-war period, th ...

December 13, 2015
Residential Land allocations for ACT Employees

Mr. Hassan Hayeed, The approval was given for allocating residential land for the employees of Aden Container Terminal and instruction was directed to the concerned section in the AFZ to start prepare ...

December 4, 2015
Expansion of Additional Container Yard Storage area at Aden Container Terminal

, the only Sea Gateway in the Republic of Yemen that is ready and capable to receive and handle container ships.The area of 25,000 square meter at the west side of the existing container yard which is ...

November 27, 2015
The Governor of Aden First visit to Ma’alla Terminal

and the rehabilitation and development of its services and activities as it is considered the history, present and the future of the City of Aden and a great source of economic income to the nation. H ...

March 26, 2015
Traffic at the Port of Aden

and invited them to be cautious in publishing such news.

March 23, 2015
The Chairman of YGAPC Honors the Corporation's Women Staff.

"Women's International Day", in a big ceremony held at the Head Quarters of the Corporation. In his speech at the ceremony, the Chairman praised the efforts exerted by all Women staff ...

March 16, 2015
The Executive Chairman of YGAPC honors Wharves Women Staff

women staff at the Wharves Department on the eight of March occasion, Women International Day. The Chairman praised the efforts exerted by all employees in the Corporation in his speech at the honori ...

March 16, 2015
The leadership of the Port of Aden meets “renovate Organization” for Development and Democracy

the Exective Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC in the presence of Eng. / Abdulrab Jaber Al-khulaqi, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Judge Faheem Abdullah Mohsen president of “renovate Orga ...

February 12, 2015
Issuance of a Final Work License for Aden Ports Development Company

Issuance of a Final Work License for Aden Ports Development CompanyThe Executive Chairman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC, Mr. / Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah, stated that the Corporation has ...

December 30, 2014
The Prime Minister chaired the Board of Transport Trustees first meeting

and ways to promote the vital and important role of this sector building on achieving true partnership between the public and private sector in the implementation of policies and activities for the de ...