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April 21, 2013
The Executive Chairman of YGAPC meets representatives of stevedoring companies..

During this meeting a proposed mechanism for organizing the work of stevedoring at Ma'alla berths which was submitted by the Corporation was discussed and enriched with observations and agreed on ...

April 21, 2013
The Executive Chairman Participation at the Yemeni-Chinese Joint Committee Meetings

which will be held during this week in the capital Beijing, in order to discuss the projects, development plans and investment opportunities available in a number of areas in Yemen, including the Por ...

March 15, 2013
Ministerial Resolution to appoint managers of departments in Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation

1 Ashgan Mohammed Ali Humaish Secretary Manager of secretarial dpt. – Executive Chairman Office2 Khaled Abdullah Ahmad Thabet Manager of Financial collection department3 Nadia Muthanna Qaed Ahmad Mana ...

February 16, 2013
Leadership of the Corporation meet with members of Parliament

For his part, the Deputy Chairman and the concerned General Managers gave a detailed explanation in response to all those inquiries that have been put forward as well as clarified all the difficulties ...

February 3, 2013
The Minister of Transport inaugurates the new pilot boat into service

The pilot boat has arrived the Port of Aden in November 2012 to join the shipping fleet operating in the port, which in turn will contribute to strengthening the operational capacity and improve the l ...

January 22, 2013
The Executive Chairman meets Stevedoring Companies under the Patronage of the Governorate

After discussions of all the proposals and demands of the workers, the chairman convinced the workers to end the strike which affects the reputation of the Port of Aden and confirmed that stevedoring ...

November 24, 2012
The Executive Chairman discusses aspects of mutual cooperation with the Chinese Ambassador

and advantages of the Port of Aden and its expansion potentials. The Executive Chairman gave the Chinese Ambassador a detailed explanation of the development plan for Aden Container Terminal and the 4 ...

November 23, 2012
Captain / Sami Saeed Farea discusses with a Qatari delegation ways to develop the Port of Aden

accompanied by Mr. Nabil Buainain Executive Director of the New Port in Qatar and Mr. Walid Abdullah Barakat, the Designing Director of (Wayar) Inc. During the meeting, the Executive Chairman clarifi ...

November 11, 2012
مستشاري المملكة المتحدة يزوران ميناء عدن

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November 11, 2012
The British DFID Consultants visit the Port of Aden

During the meeting, the Chairman welcomed the consultants and the delegation reviewing the developments and updates that are taking place in the Port of Aden, after terminating the lease agreement wit ...

November 3, 2012
Inventory Committee of assets and equipments of Aden and Ma'alla Container Terminals begin their work

of the Corporation and based on the Ministerial Resolution No. (143) for 2012 on the formation of an inventory committee of Aden and Ma'alla Container Terminals between YGAPC and DP World, where ...

November 1, 2012
The Minister of Transport Visits the Port of Aden Facilities

He also inspected during his port trip, the readiness of receiving ships at Aden Container Terminal berths and congratulated the Port workers who clarified the great efforts they make in order to rest ...

October 21, 2012
To discuss Investment Opportunities at the Port British Ambassador Visits the Port of Aden

. During the meeting, the Executive Chairman, has reviewed aspects of trade and economic cooperation and investment between the two countries .. explaining the important strategic location of the Port ...

October 20, 2012
Government emphasizes the development of a strategic vision for the management of the Port of Aden

The Council stressed in this aspect the importance of the use of consultants and international expertise to develop a vision of an integrated strategy for the post of the Port of Aden and its developm ...

October 3, 2012
In a historic visit for the Minister of Transport .. Aden Container Terminal begins to operate under the Management of the Corporation

The Minister of Transport have witnessed during this visit raising the new banner at the Terminal with the name of "Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation ".

September 24, 2012

Dubai, UAE, 20 September 2012:- DP World and Yemeni parties today reached an amicable agreement, strengthening the excellent relationship between the Governments and peoples of the Republic of Yemen a ...