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January 15, 2011
Minister of Transport Resolution No. (10) for 2011

This resolution included in the first chapter the nomination, definitions and objectives. The second chapter contained fees and wages collected from the ship, which include wages of the navigational a ...

November 8, 2010
Tender no.(8) Announcement for the year 2010

for more information please go to tender icon

June 11, 2010
Minutes of a meeting under the sponsorship of his Excellency the Minister of Transport, and the Governor of Aden to Agree on Actions to be taken to Resolve the Strike at the ACT:

1.To Increase the wages of workers in such a way that neither the company nor the workers are compromised, increases to be effective from one month after the board meeting of the Joint Venture company ...

March 21, 2010
Tug Masters Training Course

a tug masters training course was completed on Monday, 15.3.2010 at the Maritime Center under the supervision of the General Manager of the center Abdul Nasser Alban. The course was delivered by lectu ...

March 17, 2010
Tender Announcement no. ( 3 ) of Year 2010

for supplying [Procurement of Rubber Fenders, and Spare Parts for Marine Launches, Tugs Owned by YGAPC],[source of Funding]: (Self financing)Bidders who are willing to participate in this Tender have ...

February 6, 2010
Tender Announcement ( No. 6 ) for the year 2010

Those interested to participate in this tender , should submit their written applications during working hours to the following address: Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation - Aden Port - beside Cresc ...

January 20, 2010
In its Program, " The New Yemen " the Yemania Channel Presented a Special Episode on the Port of Aden

, as well as covering the services and facilities provided to the customers through its quays and berths. Speaking of port activities and future development projects, the representative of the chann ...

November 24, 2009
Bin Aifan gave a presentation at the Investment Conference

The Executive Chairman of the Corporation gave a presentation at the Investment Conference pointing out the geographical nature of the Port of Aden and the international shipping routes nearby, the co ...

October 30, 2009
Mr. Sabrah meets Naval Delegations visiting the Port of Aden

Mr Mohammed Abdulla Abdulsalam Sabrah,the Deputy Executive Chairman and DeputyChairman of the board of the Corporationreceived visiting Naval Delegations fromChina, India and France at his office in t ...

October 30, 2009
First Issue of the Aden Port Services Directory

Through it port users can identify all the services which are provided by the port

October 30, 2009
Three Modern Mooring Boats will Join the service fleet of the port of Aden

The boats have been built to advanced modern specifications technically and physically , with high endurance and ability to execute difficult maneuvers.